Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wordcatching 1 - Journaling Workshop by Carolyn Koesters

Enhance your journal writing by learning the healing and reflection exercises you can use any time, any where, with your journal. Through journaling prompts including poetry, stepping stones, and freewriting, we'll be looking at what brings you to this retreat, what you will take with you, and what you will release. Techniques covered will strengthen your relationship with your deeper self, your inner wisdom, and perhaps help you to reconnect to what you already know. Bring a strong intention to release what you do not need to carry with you any longer. There will be ample time for self-exploration and application of techniques.

Please bring a stone with you.

Carolyn Koesters, Writing Manager at American Greetings, is a certified poetry therapist and a lifelong journaler, and conducts national workshops to help people become self-aware and expressive through journaling.

Wordcatching 2 - Journaling Workshop by Carolyn Koesters

Explore some new and profound tools into healing past issues or looking into the beauty of change- whether you are yearning for it in your life currently, or in the thick of it. Techniques covered will include writing to a photo of your choosing, poetry, a profoundly moving technique using dialogue, and the powerful tool of writing a letter into the future. The gift of this class is the time and silence to really delve into some of your darkest and beautiful corners of your soul.

Please bring a meaningful photo with you.

Carolyn Koesters, Writing Manager at American Greetings, is a certified poetry therapist and a lifelong journaler, and conducts national workshops to help people become self-aware and expressive through journaling.

PolyClay Art Doll Pin- "Lady Madonna- Momma's inner life" - Workshop by Jenny Rohrs

This charming, whimsical pin explores the metaphor for a woman’s “interior life”- not the tasks we have to perform as workers, wives, and mothers, but rather the rich, deep, passionate beings that we ARE, but don’t get to share with the world everyday. Try your hand at polymer clay; using stamps, mica powders, UTEE, paint and “doo-dads”, we’ll fashion a block of clay into a great art pin you’ll wear with pride. Feel free to bring small metal or plastic charms to embed in your encaustic collage to make it even more personal. Come play with Jenny and open your creative opportunities.

Jenny Barnett Rohrs is a self-taught mixed media artist who likes to work in polymer clay, fabric, and paper. If it can be stamped, foiled, stitched, painted, wired, soldered or beaded, she’s lovin’ it. She also teaches polymer clay jewelry classes in Rocky River and Amherst, and blogs faithfully at and

Body, Breath, & Creativity - Yoga Workshop by Elizabeth Miller

Our full feminine embodiment is an utterly delightful body of love. And it is within this that we find our own personal well of creativity. Each one of us is uniquely designed to shine in a way that only we can do. This workshop includes asana (physical movements), pranayama (breath practices) and nourishing meditation to help us realign with that deep well of creative expression within. When we are stiff and creaky in our bodies, our minds follow suit. As we open our bodies, our emotions and our creative expression begins to flow as well. We will also use inter-personal reflective exercises to help seal the understanding of our lives as practice. Delve in the depth of yoga practice and be rejuvenated.

Elizabeth Miller is a certified yoga teacher in the viniyoga tradition through American Viniyoga Institute, registered nationally with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour professional level, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has been practicing yoga for ten years, and has studied extensively with many renowned teachers including Gary Kraftsow, David Deida, Dinabandhu and Ila Sarley, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sofia Diaz, and others.

"What Do You Believe?" - Workshop by Kym McBride

Believe (be´· lieve) 1. to put one's trust in 2. to accept as fact 3. to have faith in

What Do You Believe?

This is Kym McBride's most popular presentation with teenagers and adults. From her own journey, Kym weaves personal stories into an insightful lecture followed by conversation and insight. She shows how earlier experiences in our lives stamp us with beliefs that we may act upon for the remainder of our days. These include beliefs about relationships, money, intelligence and coping skills. They become the very foundation of how we look at the world around us. We may have forgotten where these beliefs started because we don't take the time to really "think about... what we think about." This presentation will encourage you to start to ask yourself the tough questions: What do YOU believe? But, more importantly... WHY?

Bring along one or two situations that are causing you concern and we will explore the belief that you hold which is preventing you from moving forward. By bringing it to your consciousness, mind-healing will happen. Kym uses her intuition to get the insights to your past and current lives to bring healing into this life.

As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Kym McBride shares her own unique journey of self discovery. She calls herself a "reluctant psychic." Ten years ago she became aware of her abilities and there was no turning back. In addition to various workshops and lectures, she works as a Medium and photographer, and is also a supporter of the "Dress for Success" women's charity.