Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Engine of Invention meets in Lyndhurst, OH

This past weekend my husband, David, had his buddies over to jam in our basement (band name: Engine of Invention). I find it very amusing having a house that booms throughout the neighborhood for a few days. Normally the only noise echoing from our abode are sounds of whining and crying (we have a 2 1/2 year old who is practicing her independence, and an 8-month-old who is teething).
I grew up with a drummer dad, and I remember it felt pretty cool having a drum set in our basement. It always gave me great joy to hear hi9m practice - even though it was terribly noisy, I knew my dad was doing something important for himself. I felt sad when years later the drum set ended up being packed away in the attic, because it symbolized packing his dreams away as well.
Although having a band playing in my basement can be pretty noisy, it fills me with happiness - because I know my husband is living his dream down there.
And as our kids grow up they will notice the same things, and they'll learn how important it is to practice those dreams to keep them alive.

My message today - BANG ON YOUR DRUM!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Energism Art by Julia Watkins

A new friend, Kristen Boyesen, recently sent me a link to this woman's art (Julia Watkins). It really appeals to me. I prefer her pieces which are more landscape-based, because they seem more abstract - I don't like the ones that combine the recognizable imagery as much.
My favorite is "Path to the Light." (pictured right)
The title has significant meaning for me.
"Coming into the Light" is a theme which has recurred to me for a few years now, but most specifically this year, where I have felt a kind of "AWAKENING."
I'll have to share some of my work which has this same theme.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Creative Mom: Jenny Rohrs

And here I begin my new journey in blogging! After a meeting with Jenny Rohrs, I decided to let my website be the home for my Artist's Way Retreat page, and I'll try to keep up with this site as an online journal. Thank you, Jenny, for all your wonderful advice. You live my dream life, aiming to make a living by being CREATIVE. Surely something I can aspire to, myself.
Motherhood is a wonderful job, but our children also look to us as role models for how to live a grown-up life. Do they want to see us dissatisfied? Or full of energy, excited, and dedicated to our dreams. I believe the latter is true.