Friday, May 23, 2008

My Six-Word Memoir

On Jenny Rohrs's website,, she had an entry on her blog regarding an exercise called "The Six-Word Memoir." I decided to take a moment and actually think abut what my six-word memoir would be (to describe my current life). I normally tell myself I don't have time to write, and this was a good way to tell myself, "You have time for six words, don't you?"

I wrote:
"Little Wendy, coming into the light."

I feel an awakening happening this year for me. I was on the phone pretty late last night with one of my husband's friends, talking about my present journey, exploring the creative life, taking risks, and trusting that God will lead me toward the path He wants me to take. All I need to do is take His hand.

For me, spirituality is definitely linked to the creative. I feel empty if either is lacking in my life.

I challenge you to take a moment and work-out your own 6-word memoir.
I'd love it if you could also share it by posting a comment on this site.
Best wishes on your own journey, and may you trust the hand of God to bring you forward.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artist's Way Retreat in North Carolina - My Leap of Faith

Well, I did it.

I reserved a site for my 2009 Artist's Way Retreat in North Carolina. So my dream is becoming a reality. It's kinda scary - taking that leap of faith.

That's the way it was for the retreat I'm doing this year in Ohio. Somehow, I was granted the right amount of people at just the right time to help cover the deposits I needed to pay (at a time when financially I'm not doing so well). And on a weekend when I spontaneously decided to finally reserve the last of the houses at Lakeside, miraculously I received a late deposit from someone - which I had forgotten was due!

I'm stepping out, not knowing if there is solid land ahead of me... trusting that God will provide if this is indeed His purpose for me. To be honest, so many miracles have happened in my past, at times it seems to have faith doesn't seem so risky.
What provisions do I need for the NC retreat?
Workshop leaders and paying guests.
"... and a paddle game... and this chair... "

The place I've reserved is Lake Logan Episcopal Center, nestled in the lovely NC Appalachian mountains. I decided to hook this up because my NC friends and my sister can't make it to the one I'm doing up in Ohio... so I'm bringing the action to them, because I know they will benefit from it. We get so bogged down with our responsibilities, we forget to play. I want to give my friends & family that opportunity for playtime - and the serenity of the mountains will be a great bonus.

I've reserved my retreat to take place next year on the weekend of May 29, 30 & 31.
I've taken the next step in my creative journey. Boy, it sure is exciting!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Word Lover's Retreat at Lakeside, Ohio

This Saturday my husband David was sweet enough to watch the kids all day for me while I skipped off to attend a writing retreat in lovely Lakeside, OH.
Our activities included a lecture by John Ettorre and Claudia Taller. We explored the art of Haiku and memoir writing, and at the end of my experience we discussed Frances Mayes' book, Under The Tuscan Sun. The overall census was we felt the film was much more enjoyable and easier for us to relate. However, it was still a great discussion and Claudia did well keeping us on the topic of the book, discussing WHY we didn't enjoy it. I missed the storytelling that took place at the end of the day, which was unfortunate. I'm sure I missed some good life stories! I needed to get back home so I could get a decent night's rest to get my kids up in the morning.

Overall it was a fun day and I met some great people. There were many people there from the Skyline Writers Group, of which Claudia is also a member. Workshops all took place at the lovely Idlewyld Bed & Breakfast. I've visited there before at Artist's Way Retreats, and stayed there last year for my anniversary to see the Who's Line is it Anyway comedy act with Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood.

I plan to post later some of the exercises I was able to write during the workshop.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Andrea Schroeder's Creative Spa!

I was surfing the internet looking for resources to find workshop leaders for my NC retreat next year and stumbled upon an inspiring artist. Andrea Schroeder lives in Winnepeg, Canada and she created something called a "Creative Spa" in which to hold her "Creative workshops."
This is what she writes about her workshops:

Why attend a creativity workshop?
Some benefits are:

- time to PLAY and have FUN in an accepting environment with kindred spirits
- safe space to explore yourself and your life

- learning new ways of connecting to your own creative energy and intuition to fuel positive changes in your life

- experiencing how your creative energy can support and guide you in moving forward and creating new possibilities for your life

This attracted my attention because it's reflects my mission for the retreats I'm organizing. Boy, there seems to be a lot of creative energy out in central Canada!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Edible Art at the White Flower Cake Shoppe

There's a wonderful local cake shop I just have to mention in here. The White Flower Cake Shoppe, located in Beachwood, OH (my neighboring suburb), is more than a cake shop. They make works of art. My husband's aunt Theresa is related to one of the owners. I found out about it originally through her when Theresa volunteered to bring the cake for my baby daughter's baptism.

I really didn't expect much -- a cake is a cake, right?
The cake Theresa brought was a simple round cake, but its decorative quality was as perfect as a cake you'd see in a bridal magazine. It was the talk of the party!

A couple years later we had another baptism
party, this time for my second baby, Jack. I decided I was going to do something special for him too. I wanted a cross-shaped cake this time. It was beautiful. We hated to cut it up.

Any time I need a special cake done (when I can afford it) I plan to use the White Flower Cake Shoppe. They not only know how to make a delicious cake, but also how to make it special to fit the occasion.