Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artist's Way Retreat in North Carolina - My Leap of Faith

Well, I did it.

I reserved a site for my 2009 Artist's Way Retreat in North Carolina. So my dream is becoming a reality. It's kinda scary - taking that leap of faith.

That's the way it was for the retreat I'm doing this year in Ohio. Somehow, I was granted the right amount of people at just the right time to help cover the deposits I needed to pay (at a time when financially I'm not doing so well). And on a weekend when I spontaneously decided to finally reserve the last of the houses at Lakeside, miraculously I received a late deposit from someone - which I had forgotten was due!

I'm stepping out, not knowing if there is solid land ahead of me... trusting that God will provide if this is indeed His purpose for me. To be honest, so many miracles have happened in my past, at times it seems to have faith doesn't seem so risky.
What provisions do I need for the NC retreat?
Workshop leaders and paying guests.
"... and a paddle game... and this chair... "

The place I've reserved is Lake Logan Episcopal Center, nestled in the lovely NC Appalachian mountains. I decided to hook this up because my NC friends and my sister can't make it to the one I'm doing up in Ohio... so I'm bringing the action to them, because I know they will benefit from it. We get so bogged down with our responsibilities, we forget to play. I want to give my friends & family that opportunity for playtime - and the serenity of the mountains will be a great bonus.

I've reserved my retreat to take place next year on the weekend of May 29, 30 & 31.
I've taken the next step in my creative journey. Boy, it sure is exciting!

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