Friday, May 16, 2008

Andrea Schroeder's Creative Spa!

I was surfing the internet looking for resources to find workshop leaders for my NC retreat next year and stumbled upon an inspiring artist. Andrea Schroeder lives in Winnepeg, Canada and she created something called a "Creative Spa" in which to hold her "Creative workshops."
This is what she writes about her workshops:

Why attend a creativity workshop?
Some benefits are:

- time to PLAY and have FUN in an accepting environment with kindred spirits
- safe space to explore yourself and your life

- learning new ways of connecting to your own creative energy and intuition to fuel positive changes in your life

- experiencing how your creative energy can support and guide you in moving forward and creating new possibilities for your life

This attracted my attention because it's reflects my mission for the retreats I'm organizing. Boy, there seems to be a lot of creative energy out in central Canada!

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