Sunday, May 4, 2008

Edible Art at the White Flower Cake Shoppe

There's a wonderful local cake shop I just have to mention in here. The White Flower Cake Shoppe, located in Beachwood, OH (my neighboring suburb), is more than a cake shop. They make works of art. My husband's aunt Theresa is related to one of the owners. I found out about it originally through her when Theresa volunteered to bring the cake for my baby daughter's baptism.

I really didn't expect much -- a cake is a cake, right?
The cake Theresa brought was a simple round cake, but its decorative quality was as perfect as a cake you'd see in a bridal magazine. It was the talk of the party!

A couple years later we had another baptism
party, this time for my second baby, Jack. I decided I was going to do something special for him too. I wanted a cross-shaped cake this time. It was beautiful. We hated to cut it up.

Any time I need a special cake done (when I can afford it) I plan to use the White Flower Cake Shoppe. They not only know how to make a delicious cake, but also how to make it special to fit the occasion.

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