Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 retreat

September 19, 20, & 21

The New Artist’s Way Women’s Retreat is based on the retreat offered by spiritual-care professional, Sandie King. Sandie’s retreat was loved by many women who devotedly returned year after year.
This New Retreat intends to keep Sandie’s spiritual focus with a renewed focus on the Creative Self.
The Retreat will remain at our beloved site: the Lakeside Community, by Marblehead, OH.

The Lakeside Experience:

Lakeside is a perfect gathering place, with a beach, dock, space to walk and benches for sitting on a breezy afternoon.
Since 1873 this community has been forever standing as a beacon, guiding those seeking a place for spiritual growth and renewal, a place for educational and cultural enrichment. An opportunity to learn more about the world, others and most of all, yourself.

You will have your very own room at one of the lovely victorian-style Bed & Breakfasts.

The Retreat Weekend

We begin our time together with a Friday evening gathering; a time to greet familiar faces and meet new seekers of creativity and growth. It is also a time to breathe deeply after a demanding week and prepare yourself spiritually for this gift you have given yourself.

Our Saturday workshops focus on ways to nurture you spiritually and energize the Creative Self.

Sunday we give closure to the retreat by gathering together in reflection of what we have experienced -- whether you choose to share or simply listen and enjoy others’ stories, it should leave you feeling fulfilled and refreshed.


Breakfast is provided Saturday & Sunday. There are places to dine throughout the Lakeside Community, reasonably priced.

Cost Per Person (total $250)

Retreat tuition is $150. Room & Board for two nights (including breakfast on Saturday and Sunday) is $100.
A $100 deposit will be needed at time of registration. The rest will be billed later when you receive your brochure describing workshop and B&B choices.


For more information or to register contact
Wendy Fedan

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