Saturday, March 22, 2008

"What Do You Believe?" - Workshop by Kym McBride

Believe (be´· lieve) 1. to put one's trust in 2. to accept as fact 3. to have faith in

What Do You Believe?

This is Kym McBride's most popular presentation with teenagers and adults. From her own journey, Kym weaves personal stories into an insightful lecture followed by conversation and insight. She shows how earlier experiences in our lives stamp us with beliefs that we may act upon for the remainder of our days. These include beliefs about relationships, money, intelligence and coping skills. They become the very foundation of how we look at the world around us. We may have forgotten where these beliefs started because we don't take the time to really "think about... what we think about." This presentation will encourage you to start to ask yourself the tough questions: What do YOU believe? But, more importantly... WHY?

Bring along one or two situations that are causing you concern and we will explore the belief that you hold which is preventing you from moving forward. By bringing it to your consciousness, mind-healing will happen. Kym uses her intuition to get the insights to your past and current lives to bring healing into this life.

As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Kym McBride shares her own unique journey of self discovery. She calls herself a "reluctant psychic." Ten years ago she became aware of her abilities and there was no turning back. In addition to various workshops and lectures, she works as a Medium and photographer, and is also a supporter of the "Dress for Success" women's charity.

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