Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Four Letter Word: "SELF" Publishing

Why do we writers feel that self-publishing lowers ourselves as authentic authors?

I recently came across an article in the Artella newsletter: Self Publishing Without Shame. I was thrilled to read another writer's thoughts reflecting my own. I have worked for a large corporation and understand that business decisions are based on providing one thing for the company: MORE INCOME. Money. That is all it's about.

Once I realize this, my light bulb goes "BING!" and I think, "Huh! If that's true, getting published by a corporation could be the same odds as winning the lottery!" Which -- lets face it -- is the truth.

Why would we as writers believe that publishing companies be any different as other corporations? I know so many incredibly talented writers with incredible ideas for books. It frustrates me to think they will never get published just because their idea doesn't match the "hot trend" or because the company has already published a book with a similar theme that year.

We really need to reevaluate our mindset about self-publishing. It doesn't take much money to publish a book these days. With online printers like Lulu, X Libris, and BookSurge, self-publishing is easy. You can even pay to have your book marketed on the web (BookSurge offers online advertisement on Amazon -- for a hefty price).

If you believe enough in your work, and you're willing to go the extra step to do some marketing of your own, why not take matters into your own hands and launch your own self-published book?

It's your dream... don't depend on someone else to make it happen!

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