Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pen is Mighty!

I was recently laid off at American Greetings and have been working intensely with Right Management to prepare myself for the journey of choosing a new career path. I took an online test called The Birkman which helps to evaluate my interests and personality to determine which types of careers might fit best.

I wasn't surprised when I saw "Literary" and "Artistic" career pursuits at the very top of my chart. Most of the results merely solidified what I already knew about myself. But on the last page I found at the very top of my Job Strengths & Families Report was the new category: Knowledge Specialist. To the right of this category I read the list of job families: psychologists, counselors, ministers/priests/clergy, ministry managers, physicians, etc.

My eyes focused on "ministers/priests/clergy, ministry managers" and I began to feel that panicked feeling when God is trying to reach me and I resist. I kept thinking, and almost saying out loud: "No... no!" Shaking my head, the tears started to come in response to my internal battle. "No... I can't think about that now. I have kids at home to think of. I have a house to pay for."

Even now as I type these words, I hear an angel murmur softly: "Haven't I always taken care of you?"

Anyway, I left the Birkman evaluation class with much anxiety, wondering if it was just my imagination or if God was really trying to get my attention. I drove around looking for signs as if asking God, "Okay... just give me something real... just a good solid message so I know you're really trying to call me."

I decided to stop at a place with a cute name: CoCo's Family Restaurant, sat down in a booth and ordered my lunch. I produced my journal from my purse and reached in for the pen I grabbed from home that morning. I have no idea from whom or where I got this pen. I think I borrowed it from someone and never returned it. With journal opened and ready to write, for the first time I actually noticed the logo and title on the side of this pen. It read: Ashland Theological Seminary... Doctor of Ministry.

WHOA! I nearly slammed the pen down on the table in front of me in shock and disbelief. I laughed and shook my head. "Okay," I said out loud, "okay, God. I hear you."


Tracye said...

I read this post in AWE! Go Get It, Girl!!

Kym said...

Wendy! WOW! How amazing! Isn't that scary when he/she (God) does that! Out of left field sometimes and then it sits, and takes seed....and then you see it start to become clear'er and clear'er. God did the same thing to me - MISS NON-RELIGIOUS...and I thought he was nuts! But it's been coming clear'er and clear'er and I see that it's not "the religion" as much as it is teaching the connection to God that we need to teach- in our own unique way! Good luck with the journey! love ya- Kym