Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Luscious Layers" Workshop at Grand River Beads

I actually tore myself away from home for a few hours (thanks to my good friend Kim who babysat for me) to attend Jenny Rohrs's polymer clay class, "Luscious Layers," at Grand River Beads. I had a marvelous time and came back home with several pieces of which I was very proud.

When I came home, I displayed my pendants on the living room table and happily offered Kim any pendant of her choice as a gift of thanks. She chose the one I would have picked for her (unfortunately not shown here).

I find it ironic... I've worked as an ornament designer for 10.5 years, just got laid off, and now am finally taking the first 3D class I've taken since my college days. I'd written a goal for my previous job to learn more about 3D materials by actually experimenting with them (to learn by DOING). I never liked or wanted to work hands-on with 3D materials, because it almost always involves fire and/or heat. I have a definite phobia of fire and handling hot objects (I assume this is a natural fear I've just never learned to overcome).

Now I'm becoming more and more interested in 3D crafts (clay, metals) as I browse the net and drool over the rich artsy collage work I see people doing. Creating art with polymer clay, collage work with vintage images and artifacts, artist trading cards... the more I see out there, the more I want to experiment.
But first thing's first...
I need to create a workspace at home -- just for me.
I think I figured out where that can be... I just need to move my boxes of old baby and maternity clothes in the attic ("hard to get to!" -- ever see the film Serenity?).


SRNA and living the dream! said...

You aren't going to believe this... but I had a nasty dream a few weeks ago. Something involving boxes, your basement and a fire (therefore, the nasty part of the dream). Hmmm. Natural fear of fiber... creative space... basement.... Hmmmm..... Oh, and at the end of the dream, everyone was okay, so no worries. But still... hmmm.

Jenny said...

Wendy! I was so glad to have you in class, and it's no surprise that you came up with such lovely pieces. I really hope we get to share many more creative playdates together!-Jenny at